About The Company

Found in 2011 at GuangZhou City, China, The company was originally a local technology company with business focusing on the China market. Ours businesses are exclusively concentrating on data server technologies field. From server supply chain, software application to large scale data center deployment, we provide not only hardware equipment, but also integrated resolutions that are made to meet different client’s business requirements.

We started our business at China, through more than one decade’s struggle, managing to set up our presence across most of south-east Asia countries. We have a team of peoples with years of experiences and expertise toward the field. By whom, we are capable of conducting business operations on a highly flexible and accuracy manner, at the meantime, provide business consultation from an engineering prospect.

Collective intelligence

We believe a group of individuals working together under the consensus of mutual-respect, trust and open speech, can lead to the collective good that is beyond any individual’s capacity.


We insist no matter how hard the situation would be, changing of strategy or giving it a break should always be applied, but never giving up.


We embrace the idea of being innovative, keep seeking new solutions that meet the requirements of the fast growing technology challenges.


Above of all, it is the core value that guides us through many storms.

More About Our Beginning

Found in 2011 at GuangZhou City, China, the company was originally came from a small group under Tianshen Investment. The group consisted of one engineer, one project manager and one finance expert. Despite the strained structure of the personnel, the group was given the highest level of priority with solely one mission: researching the South-East Asia Market from the information technology prospect.

The research might seems ambiguous at first glance. In fact, during the meeting the trio were totally stunned by such wild and vague idea when they first heard the proposal from the founder of Tianshen Investment. It was obvious to them that the research should focus on South-East Asia, and it would be conducted from their field of prospects, namely: engineering, business development and financial field. However, from the standpoint of information technology, the research could still literarily leads to a wide range of subjects. To make things even more challenging, the region not only represents the world’s most density population, but also the most diversities of political, cultural, religious and geographical differences.

At the time, there were 6 people joined the meeting, of whom we already mentioned above, the remaining two were: the CEO of Tianshen Investment, and a guest who joined us as a sale manager 6 months later. Questions were storming the meeting room after the founder brought up the subject. Instead of answering, the founder lifted up a cardboard box from the ground and put it on the meeting table. Silence fell quickly into the meeting room. Everyone was looking at the box with confusion. It was an exceptionally large box, besides, nothing seems unordinary. The founder then opened the box and carried out another big box, but this time the box was made of iron. Except the engineer who had identified the metal box without the slightest difficulty, and the guest who already knew what was inside, the remaining could hardly tell the species.

“We are going to sell it !” As the founder was padding the “big guy”, sigh of stunning was suddenly bursting in the meeting room, and followed by series of questions in clear surprising tone. The founder could see skepticisms blooming quickly within the atmosphere, but decided to let it sank for a couple of minutes, and then invited the engineer for a little speech of history of the machine…..

Now that almost 7 years has been passed since that very meeting. “The company” has been expanded from 3 members to over a hundred. Indeed, a lot of things has changed now, but If one happens to visit our GuangZhou Office, she or he might found out right in front of the office hall center where visitors are usually being entertained, standing a huge glass case, and inside the case is a big old metal box with milky white metal skin. It looks like a very old PC but triple in size, on top of the box marked a “HP” logo.

It was in fact the earliest generation of HP Proliant file server—— the beacon that has been guiding us all the time.

In the founder’s view, countries among South-East Asia are phenomenally speaking: developing countries with exceptionally vigorous economic outburst that no developed countries are able to catch. Opportunities are sparkling in every corner among the region, as the founder had admitted: even limiting the research scope within the territory of information technology, it could still leads to many unexpected aspects. In order to grab one or two opportunities firmly in the long term, we need to have a very clear direction.

Our growth might not be considered as a huge achievement in more than one decade if judging only by the total employee number, but during these years we have been exclusively dedicating our effort on the server technology field, from the server supply chain, maintenance, software developing, to the deployment of a large data center, mechanical engineering, business analysis….. Every significant aspect that involves server machinery has our footprints on it.

In response to the fast growing and shifting global economy, we are actually fighting to keep our organization under a light structure to maintain the highest level of flexibility and Accuracy. At the meantime, stays the ability of vast expanding personnel in a short period on a case-to-case scenario. In fact, more than 80% of our people have been working more than one decade with us, among whom, at least half of them were engineers. We are a team of people with profound experiences and professions.