HPE Integrity MC990 X Server

Do you need a high performance server with greater in-memory computing capacity, reliability, and cost-efficiency? The HPE Integrity MC990 X Server delivers in-memory computing performance for Linux®-based applications at unparalleled scale with mission-critical reliability and modular flexibility. An advanced symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) system designed for data-intensive workloads, the HPE MC990 X Server features the enterprise-class Intel® Xeon® E7-8800/4800 v4 processors and robust reliability, availability, and serviceability. The 5U modular chassis contains 4 sockets with up to 192 threads. By adding chassis and leveraging high bandwidth, low latency NUMAlink technology, the HPE MC990 X Server can scale as a single system from 4 to 32 sockets and from 1 to 48 TB of cache-coherent shared memory.

Achieve Real-time Analytics with SAP HANA at Unparalleled Scale

The HPE Integrity MC990 X Server complements the Hewlett Packard Enterprise premier system for SAP® HANA®, HPE Integrity Superdome X Server, and is ideal for running SAP S/4HANA with smaller or larger workloads in SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration deployments.

With SAP certification from 4 to 20 sockets and up to 20 TB of shared memory, the HPE MC990 X Server is unmatched in scale-up capacity for SAP HANA.

Leverage Oracle Database In-Memory to Accelerate Analytics Across Your Enterprise

The HPE Integrity MC990 X Server is certified on Oracle® Linux® for up to 32 sockets and 48 TB of shared memory, enabling you to run Oracle 12c with the In-memory option at extraordinary scale using a single Intel-based system.

Capitalize on the single-system simplicity of HPE MC990 X Server to run Oracle on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) without requiring clustering software.

Leverage Oracle VM certification to consolidate servers, speed application deployment, and simplify lifecycle management.

Accelerates Time to Discovery for High Performance Computing (HPC) Workloads

The HPE Integrity MC990 X Server provides the perfect solution for technical computing workloads that are challenging to run in clusters, compete for fat nodes, or are too big for one node.

Frees high performance computing (HPC) teams from managing clusters and balancing workloads so they can focus on research and innovation. The HPE MC990 X Server is like a giant workstation with lightning speed.

Scale-up Seamlessly with Optimum Cost-efficiency and Mission-critical Reliability

The HPE Integrity MC990 X Server is designed with a unique modular architecture allowing you to start small and scale up in 4-socket increments as performance needs increase. No over-provisioning. Never outgrow.

Designed with robust reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features and can be coupled with HPE Serviceguard for Linux to automate high availability and recover from disasters.


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