Our Solutions



Employs the most advanced technology toward both hardware and software field, guarantees the best operational reliability


To deepen the defense capacity, our servers has been fortified a second layer of protection mechanism, such mechanism was implanted on a hardware and firmware prospect. The purpose is to monitors any suspicious activity and sounds the alarm upon the initial fetching.


A group of peoples with professional engineering/IT expertise were distributed to two paralleled panels. The core defenders: stationed at our HK headquarter, monitoring the global operations, and welcome any challenge at any time; the field fighters: experts who were distributed across South-East Asia countries to ensure the field works were carried out smoothly.


With fully understanding of the cultural , religious, political and geographical differences across South-East Asia, an integrated mechanism which accumulated from past operational experiences have been established and being regularly reviewed by our senior engineers and financial experts to provide the best solutions that covers a large scale of common challenges among the region.


Not only provides a wide range of server equipment with competitive price, but also applies analytic solutions in a close study of client’s business orientations and challenges to formulate the best solution in both lowering down the cost lifting up the efficiency.

24/7 CARE

In response of the fast growing demand, a customer care center has been established in Manila on 2017. The center operates 24 hours/day, seven days/week to provide initial and immediate technical support to our client around the global and escalate any significant technical challenge to our engineer team in a timely and accurate discipline.